Prominent is the market leader in the field of comfortable seating and offers consumers the largest range of ergonomic chairs,
relax chairs and stand-up chairs in the Netherlands through forty of its own stores. A large part of these products comes from suppliers in the Far East.

"PBL Logistics is part of our internal organisation"

Eduard Slijkhuys, Purchasing Director, Prominent:

“PBL Logistics is our permanent partner for our extensive import activities. PBL Logistics not only takes care of the actual transport for us, but also maintains all contacts with our partners and suppliers in the Far East and ensures tight planning in the Netherlands and Europe. Thanks to our collaboration with PBL Logistics, we can optimally control the transport costs and we are assured of good control of the lead time of our products. That is nice for the delivery agreements with our customers.”

From A to Z

“But the people at PBL Logistics do more: they negotiate and communicate on our behalf with all parties involved, take care of the flow of goods from A to Z, manage the documentation and ensure that all documents – which are sent directly to PBL Logistics – arrive at the right place of destination on time, so that extra costs such as demurrage are avoided. If you look at it that way, PBL Logistics is simply part of our own organization.”