Ocean Freight

You can benefit from our in-depth knowledge and our good reputation, and exploit our extensive and experienced global agent network, as well as our contacts in the port of Rotterdam. We offer top quality at the best price. Should there ever be a situation that doesn’t go according to plan – which happens to the best of us – we will solve any problems and fix it. Any place, anytime.

We know our stuff when it comes to all forms of container transport, to and from any port or destination in the world. Additionally you can reach out to us with questions on other types of international sea freight, such as RoRo, bulk- and project-cargo.

Additionally, we take care of all necessary documents and customs clearance for both import and export cargo, and act as your fiscal representative, whilst monitoring your supply chain and lead times.

If necessary, we consult with your suppliers and producers overseas.

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Air freight

Are you looking to deliver twenty pallets of technical components to a shipyard in Romania, on demand and in the nick of time? Or are you keen to find a reliable partner for weekly deliveries of fresh flowers to a wholesaler in Dubai?

Air freight is an excellent choice for urgent, high-value or sensitive international shipments. We will manage your orders diligently and according to your wishes: airport-to-airport and door-to-door.

It goes without saying that we are capable and qualified to carry out your shipments in accordance with the aviation law, and with guidelines of the airlines involved. We guarantee a balanced consideration of price, quality, safety and reliability in choosing the most appropriate routes and partners. Your shipment will reach almost any destination quickly, adequately and cleared through customs, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience with international air freight and our global network of in-house professionals. And last but certainly not least, we are a flexible organization, who invest in full personal involvement and attention to detail.

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Rail transport

Possibilities and routes for rail transport are developing rapidly. Certainly for transport within European borders, but in recent years also increasingly from Asia to Europe and vice versa. An advantage in lead times and/or price of rail transport can pose an interesting alternative to sea freight and/or air freight. Short transit times make for a short supply chain, and therefore less inventory. This both saves (interest) costs and makes for a faster anticipation on market demand, which can give you a big advantage. Rail transport is the more sustainable choice, since it generally produces a lower CO2 emission, which reduces your companies’ CO2 footprint, which is an important issue for many companies, these days.

Our experienced professionals can inform you about the (im)possibilities of rail transport. We collaborate closely with our partners in international rail transport, who are both flexible and experienced in the field. You can trust your shipments to arrive at their destination exactly as agreed.

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Road transport / European distribution

We will find the right carrier for your shipments within our extensive network of international road and rail transport parties.

You can confidently entrust us with the transport of complete loads, as well as shipments of a smaller size, via groupage transport. We provide transports to almost every country in Europe, however and whenever you want it. Naturally, you can count on us to handle every shipment with the utmost care, regardless of whether it is a one-off order or a regular shipment. Your transport will run smoothly and without unnecessary delays, because we are well informed about the latest European legislation and regulations regarding (international) transport. Curious about the ETA of your shipment?

We also offer a wide range of options in the field of intermodal transport and short sea shipping, so we can always find the most efficient transport solution for you. Please do not hesitate to inquire about the possibilities.

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