Delivery conditions

General conditions:

1.1 The Dutch Forwarding Conditions, including the arbitration clause, latest version, apply to all our work, as filed by the Fenex at the registry(s) of the District Court(s) in Amsterdam (Rotterdam). On all assignments that only
relating to the storage of goods, the Dutch Storage Conditions apply, including the arbitration clause, latest version,
as filed by the Fenex at the registry of the District Court in Rotterdam. On contracts for inland transport
by road apply the General Transport Conditions 2002, latest version, filed with the registry of the District Court(s)
in Amsterdam (and Rotterdam). All the above conditions can be sent on request.
1.2 Our prices are based on current exchange rates, rates and employment conditions and are exclusive of VAT. if applicable.
1.3 Right of pledge and retention: In accordance with its terms and conditions, PBL Logistic Services B.V. exercise the right of pledge and the right of retention. This for all
to fully secure any claims they have or will receive.
1.4 Rounding weights/volume: Up to 1,000 kg at 10 kg upwards, above 1,000 kg at 100 kg upwards, rounding m3 to 1 decimal place
1.5 Minimum/maximum clause: The minimum amount per graduated scale is equal to the maximum amount of the preceding graduated scale.
1.6 Conversion factors if applicable:
European Distribution: 1 m3 = 330 kg minimum, 1 loading meter = 1,750 kg minimum, 1 euro pallet (80 x 120 cm) = 700 kg,
1 block pallet (100 x 120 cm) = 875 kg (if not stackable and/or nothing can/may be loaded on top);
Different size/weight ratios apply for transport 'by sea' and 'by air':
Sea freight: 1 m3 = 1,000 kg / Air freight: 1 m3 = minimum 167 kg.
A length surcharge may apply for packages longer than 3 meters.
1.7 All goods must be properly packed.
1.8 The loading and/or unloading address must be accessible by international truck (13.6 m trailer) for shipments over 1,000 kg. If a tail lift is required, a surcharge may apply.
1.9 Validity: in principle until the end of the calendar year unless otherwise agreed or otherwise stated or the quotation. Any interim adjustments
due to external unforeseen circumstances and developments, rates may be adjusted without prior notice.
1.10 Diesel oil surcharge: Rates quoted are based on a diesel oil price of € 0.83 incl. VAT. per liter with reference date 01.01.2005. Each
increase of € 0.03 will automatically lead to a diesel oil surcharge of 1%. Every first of the month is the reference date and the surcharge will then be
apply for that month. No further written communication will follow. The data from the BP website is used as a basis.
1.11 Departure options can be adjusted during holiday and public holidays.

2 Payment conditions:

2.1 Payment of our invoices within 2 weeks of the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In connection with excise duties to be advanced
and B.T.W. a shorter payment term can be agreed, which will be recorded separately.
2.2 Advance commission: 2% on import duties to be advanced by us, VAT. and sea and air freight, unless otherwise agreed.
2.3 Cash on delivery: COD shipments can only be delivered against cash payment and/or bank-guaranteed checks and/or a
irrevocable bank receipt.
2.4 Cash on delivery commission: 1% of the invoice value with a minimum of € 12.00 per shipment and a maximum of € 50.00 per shipment. This is exclusive
any costs that arise through refusal.
2.5 Complaints: Only complaints submitted within 8 days after receipt of our invoice can be processed.

3 Other conditions:

3.1 Dangerous goods: The shipper/sender/supplier of dangerous goods is always responsible for correct labelling, packaging,
transport document, the consignor's declaration, MSDS and the hazard card, all in the prescribed languages. There is a hazard surcharge of
applicable to the freight costs depending on the chosen route/destination.
3.2 Insurance: Our rates always exclude transport insurance. We will only arrange transport insurance for you upon written request
shut down. We will charge administration costs in addition to the insurance premium. Possible policy costs according to specification.
3.3 Special wishes/requirements: If special instructions regarding, for example, delivery date, time and/or customs clearance are required, these must be made known in writing. A surcharge may be charged for this. An official delivery note with signature for receipt
can be sent. The costs for this are € 15.00 per proof.
3.4 Preparation of customs documents/clearance: In addition to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions and in the context of the work performed by it, PBL Logistics states the following: The client remains liable at all times for the clearing of customs documents, respectively for the correct statement of its products and associated commodity code, regardless of the sales conditions. As soon as we
receive a message from the competent authorities that an additional recovery is taking place or that settlement has not taken place, are
we are forced to take action. For this we charge the client one-time administration costs of € 75.00 per case, excluding
all common rights, any fines that may arise and our man-hours.
3.5 Euro pallets (EUR) exchange: If Euro pallets need to be exchanged, this must be stated in writing with the order confirmation.
However, this must be coordinated with the planner of the country concerned. A surcharge may apply for this.
3.6 Customs scan/physical check: All costs arising from the customs scan and/or physical check are charged to the customer.
3.7 Waiting hours/waiting times at container terminals: Waiting hours for FTL/FCL: 2 hours free for loading, 2 hours free for unloading. Groupage shipments: pro rata. 1 hour free applies to waiting times at container terminals. After that, € 50.00 per hour or part thereof will be charged.
3.8 Wrong freight: In case of cancellation of the shipment, PBL Logistics reserves the right to charge 75% of the original freight costs.
3.9 Gas measurement: The gas measurement of containers is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the labor inspectorate and is at the expense and risk of the client.